Connecting with Sham Shiu Po via You’re Mpowered

The Christmas of 2021 was filled with joy and happiness for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to bring to mothers in Sham Shiu Po district an empowering five day program, You’re Mpowered. Working in collaboration with Arts for Good Foundation and Hope of the City, HK Momtrepreneurs lived the real meaning of Christmas.

Throughout the 5 days, mothers were taken into the journey of self awareness and explore their talent and strength. They were trained with mindfulness exercise to build their resilience while enhancing their communication skills to build better relationships and partnerships.

On the other hand, we were supported by Arts for Good Foundation to bring Hong Kong University students and other volunteers to design and implement an arts program for the children. While the mothers were learning in one room, their children were also exploring their creativity in another room.

You’re Mpowered in Sham Shiu Po during Christmas 2021

We look forward bringing more empowerment to mothers who are stuck at home or underserved through such capacity building workshop. Stay tuned with Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to see how we empower more mothers.

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