How #Moms4Moms Uplift their full potentials

As an intern who just joined Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs for an internship in February, I felt very lucky to catch up with the last class of Moms4Moms Fellowship Program. Although I did not join in person and could only listen to the recording, I could still feel the power and energy from the fellows. Not only could I learn more about the program content provided by Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, I could also witness how the program has helped mothers by enhancing their knowledge.

First I thought the content of the course was very fruitful and sufficient. The course not only taught mothers how to sell their own products or services, but also taught them how to dress up professionally and pay attention to etiquette when presenting themselves. It was especially meaningful for mothers who are starting businesses.

I was impressed by Lena’s speech. It was very detailed, clear, and concise. Lena was very patient when speaking, not only talking in Chinese and English, that she sometimes acted as an interpreter. She was also very patient and professional. She managed to share many in-depth presentation techniques in an easy to understand manner for all fellows.

To be honest, personally I was not as interested in the second presentation since Tracy was focusing on how women dress up properly because I was a male. Even though I did not understand some of the topics, overall it was a very good sharing. I felt that it was a very professional speech as I was impressed by how Tracy interacts with the mothers, especially for the parts where fellows chose suitable pictures of themselves for description which brought a lot of fun during their presentations.

The fellows paid close attention and participated actively in the class. They were very enthusiastic and active when interacting with the speakers by sharing their experiences or expressing ideas. I believe the Moms4Moms Fellowship Program not only gave them entrepreneurial knowledge, but also gave them opportunities and encouragement, so that they have the confidence to try to start a business. Among the fellows, the most profound influence on me was from a mother who had depression during her participation in the course. 

From self-narrative, her evaluation was as follows: “I was most depressed when I first took the course. However, after taking the course, the positivity  and optimism of the tutors and fellows affected me, encouraging me that I can do better than in the past.  I can help others. I can also learn how to operate a business. I also dare to face others and interact with others. For other mentees who participate in this course, it  allows them to learn how to start a business, but for me taking this course has made me see the hope of the future. Thank you for meeting you all!”   That’s the power of Moms4Moms which empower more mothers like her who might be stuck at home and can be uplifted to their true potentials.