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Motherhood is a journey of discovery; of unlearning, re-learning and self-meaning making with others.This is why, coming to our second anniversary, HKM is looking to celebrate #EmbracingMotherhood as our 2020 flagship theme: to redefine the meaning of motherhood, without boundaries.

A two half day virtual conference that brings mother of all walks of life closer together to explore all aspects in motherhood from relationship to wellbeing, from career to life time learning, from resilience in changes to eco-sustainability.  In exploring all these challenges faced by mothers, we are ready to dive into the new definition of motherhood.

You can also help us sharp this new era for motherhood, join us on September 11 and 12 for 8+ hours10+ speakers to get countless inspiration.

Time Sept 11
2:00 pm

Opening: Empowering one more Mother

Moms4Moms Fellows | Moderator: Sindy Leung
2:30 pm

Managing Change: Thriving Women Thriving World (English)

Alyssa Berggren | Moderator: Adele Wong
3:30 pm
4:15 pm

Will I Ever Sleep Again (English)

Lydia Chan | Moderator: Carol Yeung
5:00 pm

The A to Z of Eco-sustainable Mums (English)

Sonalie Figueiras | Moderator: Sole Riestra
5:45 pm
Time Sept 12
10:00 am

想家成業就?超「繁」爸媽分享生活小秘訣 (粵語)

Karen Cheng & Garrick Lau | Moderator: Sindy Leung
11:15 am

#EnoughPlastic (English)

Sherry Fung | Moderator: Jenny Zhang
12:00 pm

Buckled up and ready for Change (English)

Florence Chan, Rachael Shek & Sharmini Wainwright | Moderator: Karen See
1:15 pm

Closing: It takes two for Parenting

Warren Ackerman, Sudesh Thevasenabathy & David Lui | Moderator: Lena Wong

What do we say about #EmbracingMotherhood?


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