Redefining Motherhood from an Asian Perspective 從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊

Embracing Motherhood was the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020, as a way to redefine the role of motherhood from an Asian perspective. Six topics were examined: Motherhood & Change, Mums at Work, Motherhood & Relationships, Motherhood & Learning, Motherhood & Wellbeing and Eco-sustainability Mums. In this thought leadership piece, we state our observationsContinue reading “Redefining Motherhood from an Asian Perspective 從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊”

第一屆 Moms4Moms媽媽創業計劃畢業禮

Moms4Moms Fellowship Program Graduation 台上1分鐘台下10年功。6位 Moms4Moms媽媽創業計劃 學員今天能夠站台分享自己的創業理念或夢想。我們以她們為榮,能跳出自己的框框,向著台下觀眾分享自己的想法,這一點也不容易。 我們很高興當中三位學員更在《錫錫媽媽市集》展示給售賣自己的產品 多謝 JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 香港女青年商會 的合作及Dream Impact 夢創成真的支持! 媽媽愛挑戰!撐住呀! Having been through 6 months of Moms4Moms Fellowship Program, we are finally graduating. The 1 min pitch seems easy for many but it is something these fellows worked hard and practised for a long time. We areContinue reading “第一屆 Moms4Moms媽媽創業計劃畢業禮”