What’s happening in the Fall?

Into the 4th quarter of the year 踏進最後一季…

A lot of happenings for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, our members and our partners in these few months before we call it an end to 2019:-

It’s not sexy but it’s essential
雖不性感但卻十分重要的 …

An introduction guide to Xero Accounting – a cloud based accounting system that makes your life simple. Date : Tuesday 22 October 2019
Time : 8:30am to 10:30am
Venue : Ucommune Sheung Wan
Price : FREE for Ucommune and HK Momtrepreneurs members*
$80 for non members

Please register here: https://cloud-accounting-simple.eventbrite.com

Everything you need to know in accounting – from bookkeeping, managing receivables, understanding expenses all the way to preparing for audit, you can have it all in one cloud base accounting system.In collaboration with Ucommune once again, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is proud to invite Mr. Paul Gardner, CEO of Fresh Accounting to share with us his experience in integrating into cloud base accounting system for small businesses.

* Only HKM full members and ucommune members are entitled for free admission. Please check with Ucommune or HK Momtrepreneurs to confirm. Please email to hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com for any enquiry.


Xero Accounting入門指南-雲端會計系統可簡化您的生活。

價錢 : Ucommune和HKMomtrepreneurs會員免費*
非會員$ 80


您需要在會計中了解的所有內容-從簿記,應收賬款管理,了解費用到準備審計的所有過程,您都可以在雲端會計系統中進行所有操作。  香港創業媽媽再次與Ucommune合作,很榮幸地邀請Fresh Accounting CEO Paul Gardner先生與我們分享他在整合到小型企業的雲端計會計系統中的經驗。

*只有HKM正式會員和Ucommune會員有權免費入場。請與Ucommune或HK Momprepreneurs確認。  如有任何查詢,請發送電子郵件至hello@hkmomtrepreneurs.com。

Bold & Brilliant

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is proudly supporting TEDxTinHauWomen third annual event in Hong Kong on 6th December, 2019, and explore the theme of “Bold & Brilliant”. We have a line-up of inspiring speakers – drivers of social, cultural, industrial and personal innovation – to share their stories with 650 women and men.

Tickets are up for SALE this year . To secure your seat for TEDxTinHauWomen: Bold & Brilliant *Without Apologies event, visit http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen

香港創業媽媽全力支持TEDxTinHauWomen於2019年12月6日在香港舉行的第三屆年度活動,並探索Bold & Brillant的主題。我們有一系列鼓舞人心的演講者 – 社會,文化,工業和個人創新的驅動者–與650名男女分享他們的故事。

門票現正發售。把握良機預留位置:TEDxTinHauWomen Bold & Brillant * without apologies,請遊覽http://pelago.me/TEDxTinHauWomen

Recap: Building a Sustainable Future by 2030

In collaboration with Ucommune and Innovgoal, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs brought to our members and friends the 2030 SDGs Game to aspire more to be inspired.  This time we also brought over aspiring momtrepreneurs from HK Federation of Women’s Centres to feature their unique baking goods.


More photos

Congratulations to our founding member Amy Kwan to be awarded as one of the 50 movers and shakers shaping up Hong Kong.  After working in both wills & estate and corporate law areas, Amy founded Good Wills as her passion lies within promoting the importance of and changing people’s misconception about Wills.


恭喜我們的創會會員Amy Kwan被授予塑造香港的50個Movers & Shakers之一。在遺囑,遺產和公司法領域工作之後,Amy創建了“囑願”,因為她的熱情在於促進人們對遺囑的重視和改變人們的誤解。

Learn more about Amy’s business.

Another exciting moment for HKM this month with Roomila Chandra, founder of Tachéri, being one of the 20 chosen ambassadors for the Female Entrepreneurs Day 2019 in Singapore. This was an exciting opportunity for Roomila to help spread the word about the event and highlight the importance of collaboration among female founders within her network.

本月份另一快人心醒的喜訊便是Tachéri的創辨人Roomila Chandra獲選2019年新加坡女性企業家日的20位當選大使之一。對於Roomila而言,這是一次激動人心的機會,它有助於傳播有關活動的信息,並強調在其網絡內的女性創始人之間進行合作的重要性。

Learn more about Roomila’s business.

Our Founder, Lena and founding member, Marie Krietz have completed the OSC/UBS/CUHK NGO Leadership Program.  During the final pitching, both momtrepreneurs had presented their women empowerment projects which are working towards the betterment of gender equality in Hong Kong.   Keep up the good work, ladies.

HKM創辨人Lena和創會會員Marie Krietz已完成OSC / UBS / CUHK NGO Leadership Program。在最後的發佈會中,兩位女企業家都介紹了他們的賦予婦女權力的項目,致力於改善香港的性別平等。姊妹們,請繼續努力。

Learn more about NGO Leadership Program.

We welcome all ladies who value a well balanced life between family, career and community to join us.  Here are some of our members who have been joining us in their journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood。


Meet our members 認識我們的會員>>

Join us now


HER Fund is a helping hand to the most neglected women and girls in Hong Kong.  We provide capacity-building, leadership training, and grants to grassroots organizations led by and serving the most disadvantaged.   HK Momtrepreneurs is pleased to be one of the supporting organizations to help promote their luncheon on 24th October, 2019.

自婦女動力基金(HER Fund)成立,Global Fund for Women 已經開始支持我們的工作,一同致力支援香港最受忽視的女性,為基層組織提供能力培訓和撥款。我們很高興,Global Fund for Women 成為籌款午宴的主要贊助。

For tickets, please visit here.  購買門票按此

A great event from our legal advisor JC Legal – Learn from accounting and legal professionals the ABC of corporate sustainability and how to win the long-term game of entrepreneurship. 
A for ACCOUNTS – outsmart your books via cloud solutions
B for BENEFICIARY – plan who will benefit before the unexpected
C for CONTRACTS – prevent disputes among stakeholders

我們的法律顧問JC Legal將于10月16日舉辦一個企業可持續發展的基礎知識講座,讓大家向會計和法律專業人士學習,以及如何贏得長期的企業家精神。For registration, please click here.


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