How would you define Motherhood?

#EmbracingMother ~ without boundaries SEMINAR • WORKSHOPS • BAZAARUBS • 52/F IFC 2 • CENTRAL HK Motherhood is a journey of discovery; of unlearning, re-learning and self-meaning making with others. Motherhood is also a role that can be experienced and needs to be understood and honoured, not just by mothers, but by society as a whole. This is why, coming toContinue reading “How would you define Motherhood?”

7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻

During times like this, we especially need each other.   At HKM we continue our supports to fellow mothers and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges and prepare ourselves to be resilient and ready for the upticks when things start picking up.    We understand you are now adopting to the new normal to perhaps be workingContinue reading “7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻”