In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Priyanka Gothi, Founder of Wise At Work,

as she shares and explains her view on global talent inclusion, age discrimination in the workplace, and how her company Wise At Work can help resolve this issue. The future of work starts with us, inclusion is key.

Watch the video here:

Achieving more at work starts with our people.

At Ucommune, they are drivers for small businesses with visions and goals regardless of age to reach their potentials. With age comes experience and ideas. Learning to include the elderly in our work projects can be more beneficial than meets the eye.

Wise At Work’s overall messaging is to include people of all ages into the workplace.  Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is a great supporter of workplace inclusion and diversity.

About WiseAtWork:

Till recently known as Retired Not Out – we are a platform for age inclusion headquartered in Hong Kong. Wise At Work was founded on the belief that dreams and potential don’t expire when people turn 50. And that in this rapidly ageing world, it is absolutely essential to make efforts to stay relevant and build age-inclusive organizations.

Wise At Work works closely with organisations to build a culture where collaboration and innovation thrive through multi-generational teams and work closely with older, seasoned professionals to help them stay relevant through continuous learning programmes.

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