What’s the MO in November?

It could also be “SheforHe”
反之亦然 …

In this month of November, let the women also take part to help support Man’s Health through the Movember Campaign.   To further our works in support #FutureofWorkHK, we continue bringing Cloud Accounting to our members as well as featuring age inclusion at workplace…
在11月份,讓女性也參與Movember運動來幫助支持男仕健康關注。為了進一步支持 #FutureofWorkHK 工作,我們繼續將Cloud Accounting介紹給我們的會員,並推廣職場年齡無界限…



“SheforHe” Movember Night
反而言之的支持 …

Movember night co-hosted by Barock Barbershop and Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to raise awareness on Men’s Health. Movember is an internationally recognized campaign, encourages millions of people around the world to grow real or wear fake moustaches (or Mo’s) to raise vital awareness and funds in support men’s health.

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is proud to be one of the supporters in this campaign. Although we are a women organization, we too see the need to raise awareness on issue surrounding men’s health. Afterall, many of our members can’t make it without the help of the men behind them.

Register now to secure your spot, enjoy some sip and snacks!

Proceeds net of expenses will be donated to Movember Foundation to help promote awareness to Men’s Health.

由Barock Barbareshop 和香港創業媽媽共同舉辦的Movember之夜,提高大家對男士健康的關注。 Movember是一項國際公認的運動,它鼓勵世界各地數以百萬計的人種植真實的鬍鬚或戴上假鬍鬚(或Mo的鬍鬚),以提高大衆的意識和資金支持男性的健康。




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遠離辦公室痛症 – 午餐講座


分享嘉賓:林嘉慧 (Kary) 香港註冊脊醫 | 香港執業脊醫協會義務秘書

費用:會員免費* | 非會員$100
預先登記 備有輕食午餐提供

地址:WorkCave 九龍尖沙咀金巴利街1B-1C號 恒港中心3樓 (港鐵B2出口)

* 向我們查詢 Promotion code



#FutureofWorkHK: Age Inclusion in the Workplace – Priyanka Gothi

In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Priyanka Gothi, Founder of Wise At Work, as she shares and explains her view on global talent inclusion, age discrimination in the workplace, and how her company Wise At Work can help resolve this issue. The future of work starts with us, inclusion is key.
與Ucommune合作的#FutureofWorkHK系列中,我們與Wise Atwork創始人Priyanka Gothi坐了下來,她分享並解釋了她對全球人才共融,工作場所的年齡歧視以及她的公司Wise At Work如何幫助解決這一問題;工作的未來始於我們,包容性是關鍵。

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VIP Discount for TableWorks flexible Hot Desk pass for HKM full members

TableWorks is the widest reaching, flexible Hot Desk network in Hong Kong giving Pass holders access to 400+ available seats at many locations.

HK Momtrepreneurs would like to invite you to have a TableWorks Pass to help kickstart your own remote work revolution. Please download the app to see in real-time, available locations here.

Visit TableWorks.app for more information and Join now using the link.   HKM Full Members are eligible for the VIP discount.


#蘋果Video Talk】#全職媽vs在職媽 全職媽想創業 應從何開始?
子女漸大,需要陪伴的時間減少,全職媽開始重拾私人時間。重返職場難,又想繼續較彈性的工作時間,不少媽媽開始萌生創業念頭。究竟如何發掘創業機會及方向?網上生意是王道?又如何由零開始?資金、時間、宣傳等,點計劃?【全職媽vs在職媽】請來非牟利組織〈Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 香港創業媽媽〉創辦人Lena Wong教路。

嘉賓:〈Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs 香港創業媽媽〉創辦人Lena Wong
嘉賓:全職媽 〈我家恐龍Do Re Mi〉版主 Natalie

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Motherhood and entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey – you are NOT alone.  Join us on our regular coffee meet up every first and third Wednesday at Cafe 8 in Central.   Join us for chit chat over a sip of coffee.  Register by donation.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

當母親和創業可能是一個孤獨的旅程-您並不孤單。參加我們的咖啡聚會,每個月第一個和第三個星期三在中環Cafe 8咖啡廳見面。和我們一起喝杯咖啡聊天。

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We welcome all ladies who value a well balanced life between family, career and community to join us.  Here are some of our members who have been joining us in their journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood。


Meet our members 認識我們的會員>> 


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Recap: Cloud accounting makes life simple

A great morning starts with good knowledge sharing. Cloud accounting makes life easy – An entrepreneur, it should never be your main job duty to handle bookkeeping and invoicing. Having the right tools in place makes it a lot easier! Thanks Fresh Accounting Paul and Maria for being with us today to share all about cloud accounting. Appreciations the the great hospitality by Ucommune HK as usual.

美好的早晨始於良好的知識共享。 雲端會計系統讓生活變得輕鬆。處理簿記和發票不應成為企業家的主要工作職責。 擁有合適的工具可以使工作變得更加輕鬆! 感謝Fresh Accounting Paul和Maria今天與我們在一起分享有關雲端會計的所有信息。 一如既往地感謝Ucommune HK的盛情款待。

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