Stay connected during social distancing

With social distancing being the new norm, we are keeping ourselves away from our family, friends and other social communities. Yet it is this time where human connections become more important to uphold our positivity to alleviate stress.

During one of the most challenging times in human’s history, bringing isolated people together becomes a strong engaging power to win your customers and build up their brand loyalty. While we may all be busy managing our own stresses, your willingness to share your expertise and knowledge can help relieve the pain.

That’s why it is more important than ever now to stay connected while we may be physically being apart. With the great help of technology now, engaging customers online has never been easier. From schools adopting online learning to companies keeping their staff to work from home, we are all using different tools to be communicating online. So what are the best way to keep engaging your customers while being remotely away from each other.

Some of the creative ways to connect online:

  • Hosting music class via Facetime
  • Putting on drawing class on Youtube channel
  • Hosting online coffee meet up (yup, we do that at HKM, next one is April 8!)
  • Inviting expert to share on Facebook Live (oh yes, our next one is on April 21!)
Making good use of technology
Start engaging your community

Google your way to find lot of good tips and advices on how to continue engaging your customers during pandemic. Be true to yourself, keep an open mind and continue your dialogue with customers.

Your online event can bring in supports and caring to those who are in need in this unprecedented time. Start helping your community but host an online event today!

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