Why #EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD in 2020? 為什麼要在2020年擁抱母親?

Often times we define motherhood being very independent from professionalism where work and family should also be separated from each other.   Should motherhood be a inevitable part of one’s life?   Should it be integrated to all aspects of our lives?  Should motherhood be there without any boundaries?

通常,我們將母親的角色和她的專業不能相提並論;在把工作和家庭也彼此分開。 然而「母親」應該成為生活中不可避免的一部分嗎? 是否應將她融入我們生活的方方面面? 「母親的角色」應該有沒有界限呢?

In 2020 we are bold to take a strong stand at Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to redefine the role of motherhood in an Asian perspective.  Whether it is inside the house or outside at the workplace, or it is in the extended family or to the community, a mother often play an key role at every functionality.   Often the major caretakers at home, mothers are also the ambassadors to deal with many issues faced by the families.   Mothers are also the nutritionists who set the meal planning everyday; they are also the ones leading the eco-sustainable living of the households; they are at the same time the role models of their children.

在2020年,香港創業媽媽 再下一城,從亞洲的角度重新定義「母親的角色」。 無論是在家庭裡還是在外工作;在親朋戚友當中還是在左鄰右里社區內,母親通常在每項功能中都起著關鍵職能。 母親通常是家裡的主要照料者,也是處理家庭面臨的許多問題的大使。 母親也是每天制定膳食計劃的營養師。 她們是主宰家庭生態可持續生活的習慣也是是孩子的榜樣。

With more millennials becoming parents now, we are seeing a revolutionary age of motherhood in Hong Kong.  #EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries is a year long theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs to explore and learn how motherhood evolves around six feature topics:

隨著越來越多的千禧一代成為父母,我們看到了香港母親們革命的時代。  #EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries 母限是香港創業媽媽這一年的方向,以探索和學習母親們如何圍繞六個特色主題發展:

  • Motherhood & Change 母親與變化
  • Motherhood & Well-being 母親與幸福
  • Motherhood relationship 內外兼備關係
  • Mum’s at Work 媽媽在工作
  • The Eco-Sustainable Mums 生態可持續的媽媽
  • Motherhood & Learning 母親與學習

Motherhood is not only constraint by these 6 topics but we like to start from there to dig deeper and summarise our findings and insights to publish a thought leadership at the end of the year.     Concurrently we will roll out the first cohort of Moms Take Off Fellowship Program bringing together mothers of diverse ethnicity and background in going through these 6 modules with us.

母親的角色不僅受到這六個主題的約束,而且我們希望從這裡開始進行更深入的挖掘,總結我們的發現和見解,以在年底發布。 同時,我們將推出第一個“媽媽起飛計劃”,將不同種族和背景的母親聚集在一起,與我們一起完成這6個主題。