Redefining Motherhood from an Asian Perspective 從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊

Embracing Motherhood was the theme for Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs in 2020, as a way to redefine the role of motherhood from an Asian perspective. Six topics were examined: Motherhood & Change, Mums at Work, Motherhood & Relationships, Motherhood & Learning, Motherhood & Wellbeing and Eco-sustainability Mums. In this thought leadership piece, we state our observations from the year long activities and events around these topics and also provide our recommendations for mothers and all others around them to consider.

Motherhood is a journey that a mother should not be taking on all by herself, do communicate with all of those around you so you can get the support which is always there for you.

2020 年, ⾹港創業媽媽的主題是《⺟限》,從亞洲人的⻆度重新定義⺟親的⻆⾊。本年度研究了六個主題:⺟性與轉變、在職媽媽、⺟性與維繫關係、⺟性與學習、母性與平衡健康,以及支持可持續生態的媽媽。在這篇專題報告中,我們會陳述圍繞這些主題的年度活動觀察成果,並為所有⺟親和她們⾝邊的⼈提供建議。


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