7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻

During times like this, we especially need each other.   At HKM we continue our supports to fellow mothers and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges and prepare ourselves to be resilient and ready for the upticks when things start picking up.    We understand you are now adopting to the new normal to perhaps be workingContinue reading “7 ways to fight against nCoV 💪🏻”

6 tips to make a difference in 2020

By now you should already receive as many 2019 review and 2020 new year resolutions email as you like; Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs likes to bring you something different.   What you can do in 2020 to make a difference to the world? 到現在為止,您應該已經收到無數的2019年評論和2020年 的新年展望 ;香港企業媽媽為您帶來不同的東西 ~ 您在2020年能做什麼來改變世界? What we did this month 僅是一月份 #FutureofWorkHK: Educate theContinue reading “6 tips to make a difference in 2020”