Boss Mom Q&A – Bringing the Oriental Beauty out

長衫旗袍愛好者Cammie成立了慈善長衫店Cammie Chan Charity Cheongsam,收集全新或二手成人及童裝長衫(接近九成新),以特惠價發售,收益扣除製作成本全數捐助香港展能藝術會。聽聽這位長衫發燒友的創業故事:

Traditional Chinese dress cheongsam (Qi Pao) lover Cammie has established the charity boutique Cammie Chan Charity Cheongsam to sell brand new or second hand cheongsams at discount with the proceed net of operating costs all donated to Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong:

1. What inspired you to start your business?是什麼驅使你創業?

機緣巧合有一個短期嘅地方放租,嗰一刻好想把自己嘅長衫像我的收舊書活動般循環再用,最重要係可以推廣長衫普及化。 There was a short term leasing opportunity which provide me a chance to take my own Cheongsam to be sold and recycled and most importantly making the Cheongsam fashion more common.

2. Was there any breakthrough in between your motherhood and your business life? 當母親和當老闆之間有沒有什麼突破?

其實做媽媽同做生意一樣都係望住個目標進發。 Indeed being a mom and running a business is all about set up a clear goal then go for it.

3. How to balance between family and business? 怎樣同時兼顧家庭和工作?

會分配好時間,先照顧女兒及家庭,啲客約在同一天,方便處理。 I would organise my schedule first taking care of my children and family while arranging all the meetings on the same day.

4. How would you like your child(ren) see your business? 你希望你的孩子怎樣看待你的生意?

希望她們可以繼承慈善事業,可以幫助有需要的人,又可以做生意嘅時候增長自己知識,做到自己想做嘅事。 I hope my children can also do more charity works which can help more people while learning how to run a business and best of all, do what they enjoy the most.

5. How does it help your business when you are a mother? 作為一位母親,在創業過程中有沒有幫助?

有,真係計劃周詳好多會全面化考慮各方面。Yes, my planning becomes more detailed with a holistic approach which take into accounts all parties.

6. Life as a mom is hectic enough, adding a business in the picture makes it even better, so how do you relax? 當媽媽已經很辛苦,再加上把你自己的生意當然是苦上加苦。你是怎樣舒減壓力?

開心面對每一個困難,經一事長一智,同朋友交談分享。Face enough challenge with positive mindset. A fall in the pit, a gain in your wit. Talk to my friends about all the joy and misery.

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