Happy Mom bringing up Happy Child

Happy Mom bringing up Happy Child 快樂媽媽帶出快樂孩子

If you think a 30 week pregnant mom who also needs to take care of a toddler is tough, wait til you meet Ekta who’s all that plus raising funds for her venture, MUMZ – Tinder for Mom apps. This super mom found MUMZ, a “Social Enterprise” that endeavours to be that virtual village that takes to raise a child. Helping mothers to able to find, meet and connect with other mothers in a mobile app based on location, common interests, children’s age and favourite times to meet.

如果你覺得30週懷孕還要照顧一個幼兒的媽媽是很困難,待你認識了Ekta。她不單止將誔下家中第二名寶寶,同一時間也在籌款去推出她第三個寶貝:MUMZ – Tinder for Mom這一個apps。MUMZ是一個“社會企業”,致力於成為養育孩子的虛擬村莊。在應用程式中可透過孩子年齡去尋找共同興趣,並幫助媽媽在這平台上互相交流與聯繫。

1. What inspired you to start your business?


“Dream Big”!

Growing up, I perpetually heard these two words from my father, so much so, that the emotion is still strongly etched in my mind.

From working full time to living an expat life in Hong Kong; having my first child, away from family support, brought back warm fuzzy memories of my own childhood. Evenings filled with family gatherings and fun games played alongside my cousins are nostalgic conversations we have every year we meet. Realising my son was missing all this, I knew something had to be done. The seeds sown soon started growing towards developing my venture MUMZ.



2. Was there any breakthrough in between your motherhood and your business life?


When I started meeting mothers through events and activities via our Facebook Community Meet Mumz (which is 400+ members strong & growing), I realised we are more or less travelling in the same boat irrespective of our backgrounds, beliefs, thought process.. Ultimately each of us is concerned about the well-being of our kids and somewhere down the line, we do tend to forget about ourselves!! The zeal to build a community of mothers, a support network, led me to create MUMZ!

起初開始是透過Facebook平台Meet Mumz(400多名成員強大且不斷增長)舉辦活動與媽媽們聚會。無論我們有不同的背景,信仰和思維,我們都是坐在同一條船擁有共同理想。最終每個媽媽都是關心自己孩子的幸福和將來。我們確信自己,熱衷於建立母親社區,支持網絡平台,促使我創做了MUMZ!

3. How to balance between family and business?


Its like balancing a laptop with one hand and a tugging toddler with another, all the while standing on one leg!! One side does bend sometimes.. but to avoid falling, you need to maintain your balance.. Its never easy, but it can be done!

My 3P’s Mantra: Planning, Prioritising & Personal development.

With these three becoming the core of my being.. I believe I end up ticking things off my list more efficiently and still have time to enjoy life!




4. How would you like your child(ren) see your business?


More than my business, I hope my children can learn the subtle learnings from it:

Let go of Inertia.It’s always challenging to do something new. If you believe in it and see value in it, TRY IT.

There shall always be ups and down in business. So in Life. Let the “UP” make you reach higher.. Let the “DOWN” make you bounce back with a better plan !

Personal Growth, Business, Family, Money – it is all very Important. So is Balance.

Do Good. Good will come back to you!




c.個人成長,商業,家庭,金錢 – 這一切都非常重要。平衡也是如此。

d. 做好一切,好事會自然來

5. How does it help your business when you are a mother?


MUMZ is a social enterprise with the focus on building a community of mothers.

Being a mother, I understand the nuances of every day life. The ideas behind MUMZ are driven by real life challenges faced by mothers. We have bigger plans for the year and currently our focus is to help moms solve these issues, through a platform that offers events, talks, seminars or casual networking opportunities.




6. Life as a mom is hectic enough, adding a business in the picture makes it even better, so how do you relax?


Two ways: In Silo : A view with a cuppa tea,

in the park, playing with my family



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