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Invitation to be part of #EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries

Dear change makers,

Motherhood presents all sorts of opportunities and challenges, as well as visions and assumptions of what being a ‘mother’ means.

If there’s anything I have learnt from being a mum so far, it is that we make ourselves up as we go. Whether it is as full time child carers and family managers, juggling kids and work, being the bread winners, the single mums, or having a rock solid companion to rely on, the deeper I get into motherhood, the more I notice how it is like peeling an onion – cutting through layers and layers of social dogmas, pre-filled stories and narratives, and my own bias.

Motherhood is a journey of discovery; of unlearning, re-learning and self-meaning making with others. This is why, coming to our second anniversary, Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is looking to celebrate #EmbracingMotherhood as our 2020 flagship theme: to redefine the meaning of motherhood, without boundaries.

Yours Motherly,



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#EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries

Tickets to the event of May 9, 2020 will be available from early April.

Please leave your contact below if you are interested to learn more about #EmbracingMotherhood ~ without boundaries

Get involved.

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