“Mpowered Love!”, Our flagship event on Metaverse in May

Our flagship event “Mpowered Love!” was successfully launched on Topia Metaverse on 7 May 2022. Moms4Moms fellows were at the event to pitch their business ideas as well as showcasing their businesses at the virtual booth.    Nine Moms4Moms fellows were there to proudly present themselves in this new technological platform.   In the new Topia Metaverse platform, we were able to navigate the virtual space freely and talked to anyone just like in a real in person events.  

Founder and Executive Director of HK Momtrepreneurs, Lena Wong, kicked start the 2022 theme of Mpowered Love at this occasion to demonstrate how empowerment is the driving force for mothers to be best of themselves then spread the love to others at home, in their neighbourhood and in the community. 

Motherhood can be a both challenging and fulfilling experience for women, which frequently prompts tremendous enthusiastic and life-related changes.  “During the pandemic, it’s proven that empathy and gratitude as traits commonly found in mothers can be the quality making mothers better leaders not only at home but also at workplaces and the community,” Lena remarked, “In this upcoming thought leadership HK Momtrepreneurs will publishing, we will share how Mothers should be made better leaders.”  

Bringing all the fellow mothers and supporters of HK Momtrepreneurs to a Metaverse platform was breaking the stereotype and proved that mothers can be trendy and open to new technology.   Without any social distancing, we could closely interact, dance, and show your emotions.

Moms4Moms Fellowship Program is now opened for recruitment in July.    Click here for more information.

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