Boss Mom Q&A – She’s NUTS!

Boss Mom Q&A – She’s NUTS!

Who would be stupid enough to start a factory in Hong Kong anymore. Florence, a mother of two lovely kids, is one of the kind who started Nutty Concept – the premier fresh almond mylk producer in Hong Kong. Their almond mylk is dairy-free, cruelty-free, plant-based, and 100% all natural! They do home delivery with the glass bottle recycling – proud to make the world a greener place.

今時今日在香港哪有人還這麼笨開工廠。Florence 這位創媽就有這個膽量,創辨了Nutty Concept 這間新鮮杏仁奶生產商。它的杏仁奶不含乳製 品,全素,以植物為主,100%純天然!他們以玻璃瓶包裝,上門送貨和回收 – 能讓世界變得更加綠色。

Q: What inspired you to start your business? 是什麼驅使你創業

A: The desire to make an impact to my kids and the world. 我希望藉此能改變我的孩子和這個世界。

Q: Was there any breakthrough in between your motherhood and your business life? 當母親和當老闆之間有沒有什麼突破

A: I would say I am more capable and mature to run a business after being a mom – being more patient, able to multi-tasking etc. 當媽媽之後,我變得更加成熟、更有耐性、更能同時間處理多項事 - 變得有效率地去打理一盤生意。

Q: How to balance between family and business? 怎樣同時兼顧家庭和工作

A: Getting the support from the spouse is very important and he does play a crucial role when I am out for work. He takes care of the kids, comforts them when I am not around, brings them to meet me at works, e.g. when I was doing pop-up stores. 另一半的支持當然是非常重要。每當我外出工作時,他便身負重任。 我不在家的時候,他需要照顧小孩,要安慰他們,要帶他們來我工作的地方,尤其是來市集探班。

Time management is also important. I only go out to work twice a week and the rest of the time, I work at home like sending emails/having work-related phone calls. 時間管理是最重要。每星期我只會安排兩天出現外工作,其他時間我會在家中應付工作方便照顧小朋友。

Get the family especially the kids involved in my business. I tell them what I am doing and bring them to my factory regularly. They feel they are part of the “project” and happy to see me working hard on it. 能夠把家人尤其是小朋友帶到工作內是很有意義的。我會時時刻刻告訴他們我在做什麼和工廠內發生什麼事,他們喜歡成為這個工作計劃的一份子,也喜歡欣賞媽媽埋頭苦幹的樣子。

Q: How would you like your child(ren) see your business? 你希望你的孩子怎樣看待你的生意

A: Be part of it. I like getting them involved, I like doing it with them. 我希望他們成為我工作的一份子,也享受和他們一起合作。

Q: How does it help your business when you are a mother? 作為一位母親,在創業過程中有沒有幫助

A: Yes it does! I become more efficient, as being a mom, I have to deal with lots of things in a short period of time. So when it comes to business, I set priorities for all the tasks and finish them all as quickly as possible. 當然有!我變得更有效率。媽媽的就可以在短時間內完成很多工作。在生意,我也會懂得安排時間,優先順序排列工作重要性,有條理地把它們一一完成。

Q: Life as a mom is hectic enough, adding a business in the picture makes it even better. So how do you relax? 當媽媽已經很辛苦,再加上把你自己的生意當然是苦上加苦。你是怎樣舒減壓力

A: Enjoy the me-time with the sunshine. 在太陽下享受自己一個人的樂趣。

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