#FutureofWorkHK: Banning All Single-use Plastics – Naveet McMahon

Entrepreneurs are problem-solvers. They create solutions that people or the environment needs. Whether its changing how we interact with technology or how we use resources, they are there to try to make our lives better.

In our #FutureofWorkHK series with Ucommune, we sat down with Ucommune member who is also a momtrepreneur, Naveet McMahon, Co-Founder of bakbamboo, as she shares her passion to solve one of the biggest problems in the world, our addiction to single-use plastics, through alternative biodegradable bamboo made products.

Are you ready to go plastic free by 2025?

Watch the video here:



“The plastic tide is turning. We are finding that in Asia consumers are becoming increasingly aware and expecting businesses to take the lead on providing sustainable options to ensure we protect our precious “blue economy”. bakbamboo advises leading brands on delivering a complete sustainable eco-friendly solution to replace Single-use plastics.” – Naveet McMahon


Make them proud means we want our children to live in the new norm.  At Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs, we are a firm believer of supporting change especially when it comes to controlling waste management. Naveet’s big vision and mission of providing alternative sustainable solutions to enterprises and their consumers excites us!

Not only are bamboo products more eco-friendly, they are aesthetically and visually appealing while investing in the health of our oceans and environment.

To learn more about bakbamboo, click here.
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