Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited officially granted section 88 charitable organisation

It has come to our great pleasure to announce that Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs Limited (registered number 91/17698) is officially granted section 88 charitable organization.    Since its establishment, HK Momtrepreneurs strives to empower marginalized mothers through entrepreneurship.   It is the organization’s mission to advance and foster life long learning for mothers via education, mentorship and placement opportunities.

Since 2020, it has launched the flagship Moms4Moms Fellowship Program to empower stuck at home mothers through entrepreneurship.  A nine months program with classroom trainings, mentorship and placement for the fellows to experience and take the step by step approach to build their own businesses.   The program is conducted in both Cantonese and English and all lessons are supported with side programs for the fellows’ children for the fellows to focus with peace of mind.  

Raising public awareness on issues concerning mothers and women empowerment is also among the works that HK Momtrepreneurs do.  In 2021 its inaugural thought leadership, Embracing Motherhood was published to redefine an Asian definition of Motherhood.    In 2022, the organisation has been working on the topic of From Empathy to Gratitude: Do Mothers Make Better Leaders?   HK Momtrepreneurs aims to cultivate general public’s better understand how motherhood should be an addition to a women’s ability and should be rewarded.  

“We are grateful to have many women and men supporting HK Momtrepreneurs in the past years for us to run the programs and strengthens our presence in the society,” said founder and executive director Lena Wong.  “Having granted the charitable organization is a milestone that can enable us to scale up our programs and activities to empower more mothers.” 

Co-Chair of board of directors of HK Momtrepreneurs, Migi To commented, “We sincerely thank and appreciate all the professional supports from Vivien Teu of Denton Hong Kong in helping HK Momtrepreneurs in the past years in the application process.  It’s showing the commitment and dedication of the company and Vivien’s team to embrace diversity and inclusion and promote women empowerment in the society.” 

To learn more about HK Momtrepreneurs program and activities, visit: https://hkmomtrepreneurs.com/moms4moms/