EmpowerHER Highlights

Hong Kong Momtrepreneurs is supporting EmpowerHER project to bring more women back to work. This project is initiated by a group of university aged young women wanting to support women who face challenges of employment due to covid and many other challenges.

The workshops was facilitated by two speakers, Vidya Thiruvenkatasamy and Fanny Yeung who are very experienced in Human Resources areas. By sharing on how to prepare yourself in both physical and mental aspects, they also share how important of story-telling skills and other key successful milestones you had made in your past working experience in the resume writing.

Most participants were impressed and also learned more on how to make use of LinkedIn profile to get in touch with potential employers. They also knew that the importance and accuracy of data on the LinkedIn profile in order to attract future employers’ interest.

The two speakers also shared their experience on how to gain confidence before interviews. Potential candidates should practise more with role play by telling your career background, strength and weakness.

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