Top 5 Free & Useful Video Conferencing Tools

During the recent outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, a large number of tours, events and activities that require physical interaction have been cancelled. Inevitably, this has negatively affected the economy, particularly in Hong Kong, after the first impact during the 6-month social movement happened in June 2019. 

Our partner Go Buddy recommends the possibilities of getting some classes and workshops online, and we would like to share our insights and research in this area. We have identified 5 online video conferencing software, which we think are suitable for application in different scenarios. 

Here is a summary: 

ProductSubscription MethodDescription
ZoomFree for first 40 minSuitable for interactive activities & meetings for up to 100 people. Shareable link, and sometimes may require download zoom app or the software to continue successfully. 
SkypeFree for up to 50 pplSuitable for interactive activities & meetings without time limit. Embedded in the browser and do not necessarily need the app and software to be downloaded to connect. 
Google Hangouts Free without limit Suitable for interactive activities without time limit. But it requires users to be connected with Google Calendar. 
YouTube LiveFree without limit Suitable for minimal interaction to focus on the host, and the guests can just leave comments. 
RemoPaid plan Suitable for large activities and conferences with rooms simulation, enabling interactive sessions and networking. It’s basically exactly the same as those networking sessions and conferences, but things are brought online. 

Setting Up Zoom 

Zoom is a video conferencing based software that was designed to promote collaboration via an innovative integrated system featuring web conference, group messaging and online meetings.

Setting Up Skype

Skype is a software application, which comes with powerful text, voice and video tools, providing users with a simple way to share experiences with others, no matter their location.

Setting Up Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication software product developed by Google. Originally a feature of Google+, Hangouts became a stand-alone product in 2013, when Google also began integrating features from Google+ Messenger and Google Talk into Hangouts.

Setting Up YouTube Live

YouTube Live is an easy way to reach your audience in real time. Whether you’re streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A, or teaching a class, our tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time. There are a few ways you can live stream on YouTube.

Setting Up Remo

Made by a remote team, Remo makes it dead simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with each other just like they would in real life.

When you enter a space in Remo, you will see a top-down, 2-D map view of an event venue, virtual office, conference, or school, full of interactive “rooms.” Each room hosts an always-on video chat for occupants of a room, making it easy for collaborators to pop in and out of conversations with ease.

To summarize, we recommend Skype > Zoom > Google Hangouts for simple workshops and classes that you wish to bring online.

Credit & Appreciation
This blog is written by GoBuddy team.