From Empathy to Gratitude

《婉約蜕變 同理感恩》

Empathy and Gratitude are two key building blocks of Resilience; after been through one year of pandemic, the whole world has taken a step back and slowed down to see what would make us strong with more resilience to face all the unknown ahead of us.

As mothers and entrepreneurs, we are taking leadership roles in both our households and our businesses; our competency has been put to the challenge and it is proven. “The pandemic has really highlighted the power of female leadership,” says Chris Sandreson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory. “It’s been a hard, unsettling reset for the whole word, but there’s an unprecedented opportunity for the entire population to come together, transform systemic issues and rive equity forward.

In 2021, we are pleased to collaborate as strategic partner of Stand by Moms, Always by JCI Hog Kong Jayceettees’ flagship Care & Dare 2021. This strategic alliance can allow us to support each other to enrich our efforts in women empowerment and support to mothers.

The project focuses to address issues related to working mothers by:

🔍Retaining these talents in the workforce

🔍Reenergize mothers from high stress level

🔍Rediscover mother’s passion on personal development

There will be series of event from April to July in 2021, stay tuned or join our mailing list to find out more.

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